Welcome to PRIME ATHLETES Australia.

Building Better Prepared Athletes

We want every young athlete to enjoy a longer, healthier, more enjoyable sporting journey.

Quality Mechanics
Good Strength
Improved PERFORMANCE and

We provide training for individual athletes and educational workshops for teams.
We also create, implement and manage complete training programs for clubs and large sporting associations.

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PRIME Athletes is built from more than 25 years in elite junior and senior sport.
We are bridging the gap between modern, screen-filled lifestyles and the increasing physical demands of competitive sport.

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Our qualified coaches are experienced in delivering quality programs to aspiring athletes of all skill levels.

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Our athletes thrive in a safe, positive and motivating environment. We work with each of our athletes to improve performance both on and off the sporting arena.

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We work with a variety of teams, clubs, associations and schools. We build and manage tailored Welfare and Performance programs for their athletes.

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