What We Do

We provide a range of training and education solutions for individual athletes and teams, as well as large sporting clubs, associations and schools.

We deliver:

– Introductory workshops for novice athletes
– Advanced sessions for experienced athletes
– Ongoing tailored strength training in our small group sessions
– Coach Education and Development

Building your PRIME program.

We create and manage tailored in-house strength development programs for athletes and coaches, teams, clubs and schools.

We equip athletes with :
– Preparation and Recovery Strategies
– Improved Movement Mechanics
– Foundational Strength
– Power and Speed Development
– Career and Pathway Mentoring

Our Coach Education programs equip coaches with fundamental knowledge and tools to better develop their athletes.

Tell us about your team(s) and let’s see how we can develop your athletes and build a sustainable revenue stream for your club/association, click HERE.

With the number of PRIME programs growing, we also create JOB OPPORTUNITIES for aspiring coaches.

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