What Athletes & Familes Say

“Working with Cam and PRIME before coming over to school helped me so much more than I could have imagined…
I felt comfortable in the weight room! Having that past experience made the transition seamless.
…And I was the strongest of the Freshmen when I got here!”

– Maddi (NCAA Division 1 athlete)

”Prime Athletes has been amazing. Since joining the training program, I have been able to improve myself so much.”
”I understand why I’m doing exercises and how to get the most out of doing them.”
”The atmosphere in the gym is awesome and a great space to learn and workout.”
”I would highly recommend Prime Athletes.”

– Sam (athlete)

”My recommendation as a parent for Prime Athletes couldn’t be higher… My son thoroughly enjoys every session, as they are challenging and loads of fun.”
”Cam’s commitment to teaching the kids proper technique and the correct way to do exercises at all times eliminates injury risks and means they gain the most from every session.”
”He continually challenges (my son) yet at the same time ensures he is ready for every step up in difficulty and this give him the confidence and keeps him safe.”

– Liz (parent)

”Our experience with Cam has been exceptional. Cam is very knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to the development of the athletes.”
”Cam has helped our daughter with heaps of tips and techniques to improve her physical performance. His advice is very complete, and his teachings extend beyond the gym, as he also gives recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.
For us, Cam has been simply amazing as an individual and a coach.”

– Livia (parent)